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Wednesday, April 07, 2010

In Which I Blame Rob Wells

by Stephanie Black

Since I was a slacker last week, I figure I’d better blog this week, even though I don’t want to. This time it's Rob Wells’ fault that I don’t want to blog. Not because I’ve been corrupted by his bad example in not blogging yesterday—heck, he hardly ever blogs these days, callously disregarding the fact that we're all expiring in a literary desert of despair, yearning for his words. Either that or we're just feeling funky from eating too much Easter candy. Either way. But remember the heyday of Rob’s blogging when he blogged regularly here at the Frog's pad? Remember the interview with Edward Cullen? Ha ha! Remember the Brands of Wrath? Everyone send Rob a message hassling him about not blogging regularly. Then send him a cute email forward, preferably one involving puppies and an inspirational message, and follow it up with something involving conspiracy theories. This will cheer him up. Tell him Stephanie sent you.

So yeah, it’s all his fault that I’d rather be doing something else right now. This is the choice I’m stuck with:

a) Figure out something to blog about. Take lots of time to write it, revise it, polish it, and post it.


b) Read a very gripping book wherein I have no idea WHAT THE HECK IS GOING ON and I MUST FIND OUT.

Come on—which would you choose? Admit it.

See, a couple of months ago, Rob was kind/fiendish enough to send me a copy of his manuscript, a YA sci fi that his agent is currently shopping for him. My daughters devoured it to the tune of sleep deprivation and nearly flunking out of school. I told Rob he was a swath of destruction in our family. I’m fairly sure he was proud of this. I didn’t have time to read the book at the time, since it was the Whitney Crunch-a-Thon (final total: 28 out of 30 books read, so I was able to vote in 6 out of 8 categories. Not bad, huh?) but planned to read it once Whitney ballots were in. So I started the book this week and I’m really enjoying it. It’s fascinating, gripping, creepy, exciting, and all that good stuff. I can’t wait to see how it turns out.

So what’s on your post-Whitney reading list? Mine includes Diane Mott Davidson’s Fatally Flaky, Connie Willis’s Blackout, and Steve Brust’s The Book of Jhereg. I’m also gearing up to buy some new fiction by LDS authors when I go to the LDS Storymakers conference in a couple of weeks. A couple of book I plan to get are Annette Lyon's Band of Sisters and Karen Hoover's The Sapphire Flute. Got any other recommendations for me?


At 4/07/2010 1:51 PM, Blogger Jon Spell said...

My wife and I have both adopted the "reading as motivation for exercise" in that we can only read while exercising. (Easier to do on the stationary bike than on the Wii Fit balance board.)

She's reading Connie Willis's Bellwether and I'm reading Harlan Coben's Long Lost. Next up for me is a Koontz book I got for Christmas, and a Stephen King book that Kerry Blair absolutely DID NOT recommend I read. I'm so contrary. Looks like I'll be adding a Shandra book to the pile.

I want to read a book by Jodi Picault, anyone have a suggestion where I should start? (If any are more mysteries than drama, I'd prefer that.)

Happy to see one of the books on your list. =)

At 4/07/2010 2:00 PM, Anonymous Wm Morris said...

I enjoyed Jhereg quite a bit. It's probably not the best book to start with for newcomer's to Brust's Taltos series because so much of its deliciousness is how it resonates with the events and personalities of the past.

I'm reading some stuff, but nothing that I feel worth noting. In fact, I kind have been in a post-Whitneys haze the past few days. The awards provided so much structure for my reading in March (and took my pages read per week count, which was already high, to so high in the stratosphere) that I'm sort of flailing around. I'm thinking, though, that I should read some Shakespeare. It's been several years since I have done so. And I'd like to sink my teeth in to some excellent piece of history or non-political, deep but easy to read work of nonfiction.

At 4/07/2010 3:00 PM, Blogger Debra Erfert said...

Rob Wells does blog, he just won’t be rubbing shoulders with the frog and sharing his limitless wit and wisdom with us until American Idol has found their next victim, er, winner, and has sent the delusional top twelve on that silly summer tour across the country. I really tried to watch that show this week, but without Paula there for Simon to pick on, the “banter” between the judges was meaningless, and certainly the singing couldn’t keep my attention no matter how much of a stud I think Paul McCartney is. And, yes, I do think that the more Simon praises any particular contestant, the lower their vote count is. If he picks on someone, then that person’s phone number will ring off the wall, or whatever, and he or she will be kept for an additional week no matter how terrible their performance. I do believe in conspiracies. (Don’t tell anybody.)

I just finished reading Donna Hatch’s “The Guise of a Gentleman.” It’s a regency romance about a lady and a pirate set in England in 1819 that I barely could put down. (Unlike your daughter, Stephanie, I need my sleep.) Before that I read Joan Sowards’ “Haunts Haven” all the way through in practically one day. Now I’m starting a murder mystery called, “A Promise to Keep” by LC Lang, and as soon as Julie gets to the mailbox and sends me my prize, (I’m still dancing from happiness,) I’ll dig into “Dangerous Connections.”

At 4/07/2010 4:31 PM, Blogger Annette Lyon said...

My post-Whitney list includes:

Courting Miss Lancaster, Sarah M. Eden

Dangerous Connections, Jullie Coulter Bellon

Crossfire, Traci Hunter Abramson

And about 5 national titles that have been mocking me from my shelf during the Whitney marathon!

At 4/07/2010 4:32 PM, Blogger Annette Lyon said...

Oh, and Rob, BLOG already!

At 4/07/2010 10:03 PM, Blogger Tristi Pinkston said...

Well, see, turns out there's this new LDS mystery satire on the market ...

At 4/08/2010 10:00 AM, Blogger Stephanie Black said...

Thanks for the comments and book ideas.

Jon, I've only read one Jodi Picoult--My Sister's Keeper--and it was definitely drama, not mystery, so probably not what you're looking for. And thanks again for the book :)

William, I enjoyed reading your comments on the Whitneys on a Motley Vision.

Tristi, congrats on your new series!

At 4/08/2010 10:04 AM, Blogger RobisonWells said...

I think you're all jerks. My lack of blogging is performance art.

And Debra is right: I am blogging. Just not here. That ought to be worth something, right?

I know... I know...

At 4/08/2010 1:05 PM, Blogger brenda said...

My Ridiculous, Romantic Obsessions by Becca Wilhite is darling. Saphyre Snow by Marcia McClure is a fabulous retelling of Snow White. (both romance books of course) The Hourglass Door by Lisa Mangum is a great debut novel if you haven't read it....

At 4/08/2010 3:58 PM, Blogger L.T. Elliot said...

Stephanie, this post was frickin' hilarious! Ah...thanks for that. I needed the smiles. Puppy FWDs and spam emails will be sent forthwith. =]

At 4/10/2010 7:28 PM, Blogger Becky said...

I'm currently anxiously awaiting the end of Clair Poulsen's new book Deadline.

At 4/10/2010 9:37 PM, Blogger Karlene said...

I really liked Tristi's new book, Secret Sisters. Also Courting Miss Lancaster by Sarah Eden. I have several more in my to read pile, including Annette Lyon's new one.

At 4/10/2010 9:37 PM, Blogger Karlene said...

Oops. Hit send accidentally. I also have Julie's book to finish.


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