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Sunday, September 02, 2007

And the Winner Is . . .

Janette Rallison!

Janette wins a vintage copy of Bulwer-Lytton’s most famous work: The Last Days of Pompeii, a color copy of a Snoopy writing cartoon, and a fabulous six-figure cash award! (The six figures are $000.000) Congratulations, Janette!

The voting was incredibly close. Janette's entry received 10 votes, Stephanie Black's received 9, "Chillygator's" received eight, and Julie Wright's received 7.

Thanks so much to everybody who entered. Very funny stuff!


At 9/03/2007 8:30 AM, Blogger Sariah S. Wilson said...

Congrats Janette! And thanks to everyone for participating - that was a lot of fun to read.

At 9/03/2007 9:47 AM, Blogger Julie Wright said...

YAY Janette! You are awesome! And this really was a fun contest. I enjoyed it a lot.

At 9/03/2007 10:43 AM, Blogger Stephanie Black said...

Congrats, Janette! And thank you, Kerry, for such a great contest.

At 9/06/2007 4:08 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Nice work Janette!

At 9/09/2007 2:06 AM, Blogger Janette Rallison said...

Thank you, Thank you, Thank you! What an honor to know that I can write bad lines--I mean, I often find myself worrying whether my stuff is bad enough or not. Now I know! Plus of course I'm thrilled with my six figure deal.


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