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Wednesday, October 08, 2008

Georgia on my Mind

by Robison Wells

So, if we are to extrapolate anything from the last two weeks, it's that my schedule has changed: now, instead of posting on Tuesdays, I post early Wednesday morning. Also, I my blogs are quick and poorly thought out. (Well, that one's been the case since day one.)

(Also, if the last two weeks are an indicator of anything, Jeff has stopped posting? Because he spends too much time arguing with Woolley? I don't know.)

Anyway, this post will be quick because I'm leaving in ten minutes to catch a flight to sunny Atlanta. I'm going to a career conference, where 8,000 MBAs will be desperately hoping that employers haven't realized the economy is disintegrating around them, and that they'll still want to give us jobs.

I've been to Atlanta once before, back in 2005. It rained a lot, as I recall. I had a lot of spare time, and I stopped at the LDS bookstore to sign a few books. I hadn't called ahead of time, and the clerk didn't believe me that I was an author. She actually checked my driver's license, which I find absolutely hilarious.

I spent the rest of my spare time stuck in traffic. And I tried to find interesting sights--Civil War battlefields, or whatever--but the best I could come up with was the Gone With The Wind museum. I didn't go because, you know, I have some small degree of self-respect.

During this trip I'll have much less spare time, and my only current plans are to eat a bunch of southern food. I don't want to consume anything in the next four days that has not been either barbecued or deep fried. Unless it's sweet potato pie, I guess, but imagine how good that would be dipped in batter and cooked in hot oil? Mmm mmm mmm.

Anyway, I have to go. Perhaps I'll post on Tuesday next week, or maybe I'll buy a plantation in Georgia, and sit on the front porch in a white suit and drink mint juleps. We'll see.


At 10/08/2008 10:03 AM, Blogger Josi said...

Sheesh, if you're going to abandon all covenants and moral obligations, don't waste it on mind julips--ick.

At 10/08/2008 10:04 AM, Blogger Josi said...

LOL--that would be MINT juleps. And no, I haven't been nipping at the gin myself, I always spell this way.

At 10/08/2008 12:31 PM, Blogger Just_Me said...

Hey!! Someone's coming to visit! I live just south of Atlanta :o) But I'm new to the area so I'm not sure where the best places are yet.

Do check out the aquarium though. And, don't expect sunshine. It's raining at the moment.

At 10/08/2008 3:33 PM, Blogger Jennie-O said...

You do realize they used call those types of men who wore white suits and sipped mint juleps dandies? That is the polite Southern way of callng you feminine aka queer. Just letting you know.

At 10/08/2008 5:26 PM, Blogger Jon Spell said...

Well, if I were in Atlanta, I'd go looking for one of the few remaining S&S restaurants. I'm not sure you'd be impressed, Globetrotter.

They had the best carrot and raisin salad , and this incredible baked macaroni and cheese that I would get double servings of. *Jon drools thinking about it.* However, even when they were in Jacksonville, it was still pretty much a senior citizen hang out. So, maybe you would fit in. =D

At 10/08/2008 5:57 PM, Blogger Matthew Buckley said...

If you can't fry it, it ain't worth eatin.

At 10/08/2008 11:29 PM, Blogger Nancy Campbell Allen said...

I have a soft spot in my heart for Atlanta. We lived there for about 8 months in 1993 and my first book came out of it.

As for food, I was a big fan of the Three Dollar Cafe, which actually burned down to the ground after we moved and has since relocated.

I hope you get a job! If not, give that writing thing a try.

At 10/09/2008 8:10 PM, Blogger Marsha Ward said...

LOL, Rob! You do know you can blog early Wednesday morning and still have your post come out dated as Tuesday, right?

Check out the little Posting Options link at the bottom left of the composing box. Change the date, and viola! It's Tuesday again.

However, if Stephanie is on the ball and posts early, no one will read you.


Seriously, we all will. I send you very best wishes for landing a great job.

At 10/10/2008 1:31 PM, Blogger Heather B. Moore said...

Funny that the LDS Bookstore asked for your id. I guess you didn't look debonair enough to be an author--should have worn some glasses and a bowtie or something.

At 10/11/2008 11:20 PM, Blogger Julie Wright said...

love your bookstore experience. Eat some hush puppies for me!


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