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Wednesday, April 02, 2008

On the Road Again

by Stephanie Black

Tonight is the first night of (cue drum roll) roadshow practice.

I don’t remember much about the roadshow we performed in my long-ago youth. Rob, I’m sure, remembers everything about his youth like it was yesterday because for him, it was yesterday. (Actually, I’m not THAT much older than Rob. Not even a decade older. And in adjusted age, I’m younger than he is because I don’t have the chemicals from eight hundred million gallons of Coke settled deep into my bones. Though, speaking of chemicals, I do eat hot dogs . . . ) I didn’t even remember doing a roadshow in my YW years until my sister prompted the memory. Something about superstars. I think it involved vests and boots and a song and dance. Or something.

Three years ago, our roadshow director invited me to assist. She knew I was a writer and assumed I might have something to offer when it came to writing a script. I showed up at the meeting and kind of sat there with my jaw on the floor while experienced roadshow folks tossed wild ideas around, which our director took and fashioned into a hilarious script. I was amazed. These people were brilliant! I had published a novel, but I had NO IDEA how to write a roadshow. I gave some minimal help on song lyrics, but that was it. To all of you out there who have written a roadshow, I think you people are geniuses and that the Whitney Awards should include a category for roadshow scripts.

So this year, roadshow time rolled around and once again, we have a truly brilliant director and talented and hilarious scriptwriters, none of whom are me. All we YW leaders are the support staff. We’ll help with the rehearsals, help the girls create their dances, and so on. I’m thrilled with this arrangement, happy to take marching orders. But just in case I ever get asked to create a roadshow script, I’m thinking King Jeff and the Storymakers should consider adding a roadshow class to their conference (as Dave Barry would say, King Jeff and the Storymakers would be a good name for a rock band).

And for all of you who stumbled across this blog because you Googled “roadshow scripts” and were hoping for help—sorry about that.


At 4/03/2008 2:15 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...


I don't think you have to worry about getting the call to write the roadshow script. Wasn't it your visiting teachers who said, after reading your most recent release, that you hava "a dark and troubled mind" or something like that. Roadshows are written by minds with Wal Mart happy faces.

No worries Stephanie. You already have your call...

David G. Woolley

At 4/03/2008 12:45 PM, Blogger Stephanie Black said...

Thanks for the comfort, David, but I must disagree:) Wal Mart happy face minds? You need twisted creativity to write a roadshow, especially when the rules require you to include:

The Statue of Liberty
The theme from "Jaws"
The line: "My name is Inigo Montoya. You killed my father. Prepare to die."

At 5/08/2009 4:26 PM, Blogger The Taylors said...

I need help!! I'm suppose to write a roadshow. Never been in one never seen one. I have 15 minutes total. Any advice? Help? Scripts? our theme is "God Bless America" What am I suppose to do with that?


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