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Saturday, March 22, 2008

The Winner Is…Not Me and The Gall of Stones

By Sariah S. Wilson

First off, a special thank you to everyone who posted a comment on my blog last week. You guys gave me some great ideas, some great motivation and I appreciated you all cheering me on.

So, it turns out I didn’t win a Whitney. Which honestly didn’t much surprise me. It was a little disappointing, though. Admittedly, I would have been pretty shocked if I had won. Those are some really talented authors that I was nominated alongside. I never believed those actors who talk about what an honor it is to be nominated, but now I understand. It really was an honor just to be nominated. And I think from now on I should be addressed as Whitney Award Nominee Sariah S. Wilson. No? Too much?

It probably doesn’t help matters that I’m sitting here in excruciating pain. Yes, something else inside me has broken. I think I’ll remember 2008 as the year my body turned on itself. Anyway, I’ve been having this sharp pain right under my ribs that was coming and going and now has just come and stayed. I went to the doctor on Friday and he thinks I have gallstones. Fun, right?

What with this being a holiday weekend, I can’t get an ultrasound until Monday morning. That probably means some sort of surgery next week. Because gallstones apparently don’t go away like kidney stones – they have to be taken out.

So now that I have shared the bad news, I will move on to happier thoughts and wish a Happy Easter to everyone and a big congratulations to all the Whitney Award winners.


At 3/23/2008 1:04 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Sariah, I'm so sorry to hear about your health problem. Not fun. I'm feeling a bit subdued myself about the Whitney results--didn't really expect to get the award but couldn't completely convince myself that I wouldn't. I guess it's that opposition in all things concept again. But there is next year, and, hey, whats wrong with a few Whitney Award Nominee Sariahs thrown into the mix? We can make it a club and all of us continue to enjoy our fifteen minutes of almost fame!

Whitney Award Nominee Marlene Austin

Not bad, I'd say!

At 3/23/2008 1:44 PM, Blogger Karlene said...

Bummer about those gall stones. They're a pain, but once they're gone it's like heaven.

I liked your book and Marlene's. I think you both deserved nominations and look forward to reading more from both of you.

Whitney Award Nominee 2010 :)

At 3/24/2008 12:51 AM, Blogger Marsha Ward said...

Amen to what Karlene said. The laporoscopic [sp] way is wonderful! Very little post-op pain and much easier to recover from. I hope that's what they can do for you. It beats the pain that feels like an elephant is sitting on your chest, makes you think you're having a heart attack, and sends you to the ER!

At 3/24/2008 6:32 PM, Blogger L@pterces said...

I don't mean to minimize your pain and I hope prompt treatment brings relief, but most kidney stones do not "just go away". I've had several excruciating bouts that required lithotripsy treatment to break them up into small pieces before they passed. Not fun!

At 3/25/2008 1:37 AM, Blogger Sariah S. Wilson said...

Thanks for the condolences and well wishes, guys. And l@pterces, I'm sorry if I sounded like I was minimizing the pain of kidney stones - I've heard it is unbearable and awful. But my understanding was that in many cases people pass the stones themselves (painfully) but that with gallstones you had to go in and get them out. I'm sorry to hear about your situation. I am truly feeling your pain right now.

I spent Easter in the ER, where the doctor said that whatever's wrong with me it wasn't worth looking at just then and to go home and take Vicodin. So I've felt like I'm in some sort of gauze or underwater for the last couple of days. But tonight my skin and whites of my eyes are turning yellow, so maybe now they'll take me seriously. I've been sitting here debating whether to 1) wake my doctor up at 1:00 in the morning, 2) wait it out until tomorrow, or 3) just head to the ER again.

At 3/25/2008 4:35 PM, Blogger Stephanie Black said...

Sariah, I'm so sorry about the gallstones and hope everything gets resolved quickly!

And I think you should be addressed not as a Whitney nominee, but as a Whitney finalist! You rock!

At 3/27/2008 9:30 AM, Blogger Anne Bradshaw said...

So sorry, Sariah. Gallstones are a royal pain. Though if I had a choice, I'd go for today's removal method over that of years ago any day. Hope you're feeling a million times better very soon.


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