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Thursday, July 26, 2007

Public Service Announcement RE: Harry Potter

Just so everyone knows, since there's been a little confusion: we on this blog promise not spoil anything in Harry Potter Book 7 unless we write something like SPOILER ALERT or SPOILERS AHOY or THAR BE SPOILERS HERE. You can rest assured that anything appearing to be spoilers, in the blogs or in the comments, that does not have a spoiler warning is a JOKE. For example, if I casually mention that Hagrid joins Al-Qaeda, and I don't write "ACHTUNG! SPOILERS!", then you be certain that is NOT TRUE. (Or is it?) (No.)

ALSO: Please return the favor. Don't spoil anything without advance warning.

THANKS! ooxxooXoXXx


At 7/26/2007 4:00 PM, Blogger Matthew Buckley said...

What! You mean your little bit about the whole thing being a dream wasn't true? I was vastly relieved when I read that because I decided that I could skip the whole series, as long as it was a dream. Now I am feeling compelled to read them.

Doggone you Wells!


At 7/26/2007 5:00 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

The whole Potter fantasy is a novel. Or did I get that backwards. Yes. I am right. The whole novel is a fantasy. No need to read. When Potter wakes up you won't remember a thing.

At 7/26/2007 5:30 PM, Anonymous clueless said...

Thanks for clearing that up, Rob. Sometimes I'm not sure when you're kidding. I bought the whole Harry Potter dream thing for a while too. I'm still trying to figure out if Blake Lewis was really you mission companion. I'm pretty sure he wasn't, or was he?


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