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Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Happy Pioneer Day!

It's a holiday here in Utah, and as such I don't intend to write much today--not because I'm too busy eating hot dogs and visiting pioneer-related landmarks, but because I'm working today, writing and such. My wife, being the most awesome wife on earth, told me yesterday: "I know that you're planning on writing tomorrow. And, since you hate holidays and crave the darkness of an empty house, I'm going to take the kids to my Mom's tomorrow." So, here I sit in my living room, the blinds closed and the lights off. The house is quiet and I just ate some leftover curry. What a fantastic life.

In other news, I finished Harry Potter last night. I was rushing to get through it, because I was worried that someone might accidentally spoil it before I got done. Fortunately, I was able to avoid all spoilers (except for a minor one) and enjoyed the book thoroughly. Though frankly, I was a little annoyed with the ending--it was all just a dream? Ending it at back Privet Drive was a nice bit of framing, but Harry Potter is eleven again, waking up under the stairs? Lame.

Anyway, Happy Pioneer Day. I'll blog again for real next week.


At 7/24/2007 5:53 PM, Blogger Jeff Savage said...

Isn't cool how wives can tell you you're a real bore at the holidays and they wish you'd just stay at home, while making it sound like they're doing you a favor

Yeah, the ending totally reminded me of a Dashner ending. Although I liked the recipes along the way. Potter's Pancakes, Hermione's Hot Pockets, Hagrid's Hash. Good stuff.

At 7/24/2007 6:40 PM, Blogger Josi said...

I wonder if your inlaws begged her not to bring you this year--remember last time?

I personally am sick of holidays. Thank goodness the Governor requested no fireworks--Lee and I were smiling and it became a teaching moment on how we uphold our elected leaders.

At 7/25/2007 12:07 PM, Blogger Candace Salima (LDS Nora Roberts) said...

Ha, ha, ha --- a dream?

At 7/25/2007 2:19 PM, Blogger Katie Parker said...

Hmmmph...we had a totally normal day here in Wisconsin on July 24, and then at about 10PM we remembered that if we still lived in Utah we'd've been celebrating all day.

I'm glad you enjoyed your writing day, but do keep that Harry Potter stuff to yourself. I haven't finished book 7 yet.


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