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Saturday, January 06, 2007

They Say It’s Habit Forming

By Sariah S. Wilson

So apparently according to all the self-help gurus out there, it only takes 21 days to form a habit. I believe that. I bet if you did crack every day for 21 days you’d definitely form a habit.

But we have much loftier goals here! I’m starting a 21-day challenge.

If you’re like most people (or like me) you always have these great intentions at the beginning of each new year. You write down your goals, make plans on how you’ll carry through on each of them, and look forward to Monday, when you will start on such goals. Or the Monday after that one, since you forgot and no one can start a new diet/exercise program on a Tuesday, can they? Which then becomes the Monday after that one because your visiting teachers brought you over cookies and it would just be rude not to eat them, right?

There never seems to be a good time to start, and so you…don’t. And then you find yourself on the next January 1 with the same intentions and goals that you’ve had every year for the last five years (or more, your mileage may vary).

So this year I say no more! This year I am going to work on ONE goal. Just one. I’m also going to set smaller goals to reach my big one.

I am going to start this on Monday, but this time I really mean it.

I invite you to join me. Did you want to start exercising? Or make certain you’re writing on a daily basis? Or work on getting together query letters/synopses to send out to agents and editors? Get up earlier? Whatever it is you want to do - make a commitment now. Today. Write in the comments section and tell me you’re going to do the 21-day challenge. You don’t have to tell me what your goal is if you don’t want to, but do write it down somewhere. It makes it more real to you and your subconscious if you’ve written it down.

The challenge will start on Monday, January 8, 2007 and go to January 29, 2007. During the 21-day challenge you can miss a day here or there (perhaps Sundays you won’t feel comfortable working on your goal), but we all have to be consistent. Every Saturday I’ll post about how I’m doing, and you can do the same. Then on January 29 we’ll do a final post to see how we all did.

I realize I keep saying we when it might just be me that does this challenge. I hope some of you will join me - I think there is definite strength in numbers.

And if I do my goal every day for 21 days, I am interested to see if I can keep it up after that. Who knows? Maybe we can prove the quote true:

“Sow a thought, and you reap an act; sow an act, and you reap a habit; sow a habit, and you reap a character; sow a character, and you reap a destiny." (I have no idea who to attribute this quote to - every site lists a different author.)

Let’s sow some thoughts today, and starting on Monday we’ll start sowing some acts and see if we can reap a habit.


At 1/06/2007 10:59 PM, Blogger ChillyGator said...

21 days to form the habit, two days to break it (o: (works opposite on ending bad habits...years to stop biting my nails, first time interviewing with my mission president to start it again)

I'll take the challange! I should probably practice the piano every day anyway. And my BofM studying has been a little slack of late.

At 1/07/2007 10:39 AM, Anonymous Jennie said...

All right, I'll take your challenge, Sariah.

At 1/08/2007 8:29 AM, Blogger RobisonWells said...

I'm totally in. And my goal is: lose weight. But, in exchange for my sacrifices, I also pledge to email Julie Bellon one complaint about Canada every day for the next 21. I really hope that will become a habit.

At 1/08/2007 10:06 AM, Blogger Sabrina2u said...

I'll take your challenge. I have a couple of things that I need to be more consistent on.... like reading the BOM, giving my children positive feedback as well as my husband. Exercising is always on the list, but somehow I think that if it is just a subconscious thought maybe it will get done this time.... he he he

At 1/08/2007 10:13 AM, Blogger Kerry Blair said...

I'll do it, Sariah! It's a great idea.

At 1/08/2007 12:22 PM, Blogger Julie Coulter Bellon said...

Robison, Canadians are well known for their tolerance and love for all people, and that would probably include you. Maybe. Well . . . Okay, yes, that would include you.

And I seriously doubt you could find twenty-one legitimate complaints about my amazing home country, but bring it on, dude!

Sariah, I'd love to participate in your challenge. Sounds fun!

At 1/08/2007 3:00 PM, Blogger Marcia Mickelson said...


What a great idea. Count me in.

At 1/08/2007 3:56 PM, Anonymous Marnie Pehrson said...

I'm in... if Julie promises to nag me.:)

At 1/08/2007 10:04 PM, Blogger KB said...

I'm in. I'm doing Marnie's Rejoice in 2007, so I'll be working on that for the next 21+ days.

At 1/09/2007 8:01 AM, Blogger Karen Hoover said...

I caught this a day late as I'm out of town, but this is an awesome idea. I'll accept the challenge for my writing six out of seven days of the week. I've been a little (okay, A LOT) lax lately and have been looking for something to push me back into it. Thanks for the idea!

At 1/09/2007 4:32 PM, Blogger Evil HR Lady said...

I'm late, I'm late, but I accept the challenge. Mine is to read scriptures with my family every day.


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