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Thursday, December 28, 2006

Bowl Contest Countdown Day Three

FSU wins...

Rob is now 2-1. Crap.


At 12/28/2006 10:53 AM, Blogger RobisonWells said...

Rob: 2-1
FHL: 2-1
Stephanie: 3-0
Kerry: 1-2
Corfield: 2-1
Dewd is 0-3
Amy 1-2

Who would have thought Stephanie would be leading the league?

At 12/28/2006 11:02 AM, Blogger Stephanie Black said...


At 12/28/2006 2:08 PM, Blogger FHL said...

Dang it, I knew I should have voted for the other Florida team. But, come on, it was the Seminoles...

At 12/28/2006 5:48 PM, Blogger RobisonWells said...

No kidding. UCLA was supposed to be good. The only memorable thing Florida State did this year was get in a fight.

At 12/29/2006 2:53 PM, Blogger jared said...

FSU hasn't had a losing season since Bobby Bowden's first year. Going into the bowl game at 6-6 should have tipped you off that they were going to win regardless of how good UCLA is (or was).


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