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Saturday, December 16, 2006

Hi from Utah

by Sariah S. Wilson

So I'm posting this from the lobby of the Orem Hampton Inn as I'm on the way out the door to go to my mother-in-law's house for breakfast and present opening. I know it's not that exciting for anyone else that I'm posting from Utah, but since I don't live here, it's fairly exciting for me.

I've had a chance to meet my editor and get a brief tour of my publisher, and I got to finally see the completed version of my cover! I can't wait to get back to Ohio and get that posted.

This will be a short post because of time constraints, but I wanted to ask - what is up with the apparent allergy to the speed limit here? I've never seen people drive as fast as they do here. It is some kind of reverse pioneer thing? It took such a long time for them to get to Utah so now their descendants have to make up for it by driving as quickly as possible? I've been driving 10 to 15 over the limit just to keep up with traffic, and people pass me so quickly it's like I'm holding still. Is the I-15 always like that? Or is it some sort of Christmas madness?

Other than that, I forgot how beautiful the mountains are. I love the greenery of Ohio, but the mountains here always take my breath away.

And today it snowed! What more could you ask for in a trip to Utah?


At 12/17/2006 7:57 PM, Blogger Keith Fisher said...

Welcome to Orem. I hope you enjoy that part of town the drivers tend to be crazy. as far as the speed limits are concerend, it depends on which road you are on. most days coming home from work I have to bite my tounge and keep from honking my horn because people keep driving 15 miles an hour under the speed limit. I will admit though, that many people drive too fast on the freeway. it reminds me of the bay area or denver. those people scare me because rather than slow down, they drive bumper to bumper at 70 miles per hour. one thing though, if you signal, they let you make a lane change. In Utah, they just speed up.

I hope you have fun while your here. get some tubes and find a hill. there is a great one down in provo up near the temple in rock canyon park.

At 12/18/2006 2:53 AM, Blogger Tristi Pinkston said...

Yeah, Utah drivers are a scary bunch of bananas. Just keep chanting, "Beautiful mountains!" while you drive -- it sort of balances out.

At 12/18/2006 3:20 PM, Blogger FHL said...

Well, you could ask for a little less snow. What, did we get like 10 inches this weekend?

I don't know what the deal is with the drivers out here. I'm a bit of an anomaly because I do pay attention to speed limit signs (never gotten a speeding ticket!) - I don't know if it's because I learned to drive in Florida, where you'd hear about people getting tickets for going 5 mph over the limit or if it's because I was in the car with my dad when he got pulled over for speeding once.

Every now and then, it seems like you hear admonitions in conference to obey traffic laws, but around here, they treat speed limits as suggestions, not laws. At least, it appears that way on my own 25 mph street.

I guess you've gone back home already, if not, are you doing any book signings?

At 12/19/2006 2:23 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Welcome to the wild west. Wide open spaces, big skies and far too many miles between everyplace you need to go. This isn't Ohio where a few miles will fill your ten gallon hat. This Dodge, honey. And if you can't keep up with 80 mph through SLC on a lazy afternoon, its time to get out of Dodge...(hope you had a great time despite all the crazy drivers!)


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