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Tuesday, December 12, 2006

Year of a million dreams

Yes, for the 3rd time this year we are in Disneyland. It's not a vacation it's a sickness. Anyway, we went to the haunted mansion on our second ride of the day and all won the Dream Fastpass, which is essentially a lanyard with a free fastpass for everything that has a fastpass line in D-land and DCA. (It's part of the year of a million dreams promotion.)

Let's just say it's been a long day. Annette Lyon volunteered to blog for me, but I asked a little late, so I'll post it when she sends it. In the mean time, M-I-C . . . K-E-Y . . .


At 12/12/2006 1:31 PM, Blogger FHL said...

I'm savagely jealous. =(

Bet the weather's nice, too, isn't it?

At 12/15/2006 1:04 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Three times this year?! So unfair. We haven't been for over three years. But next year we're going---even if I have to sell plasma to fund it.

And how can you think of writing while at Disneyland, the most magical place on earth? Run around with your six-year-old, for heaven's sake.

And please tell me how you get away with pulling teenagers out of school. We're up to our eyeballs in science projects and term papers here.
Ride Pirates and Indiana Jones for me, and make sure to catch the Christmas parade. I expect to hear all about it on Friday.


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