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Thursday, November 04, 2010

The Un-Do List

by Stephanie Black

It was a whackadoodle sort of morning. Maybe that’s the karma that comes from tampering with the Forces That Dwell Below, but come on, it’s us or the termites, and I don’t see them coughing up any cash for the mortgage. So we had two termite-control guys here drilling holes in concrete and going underneath the house via a big hole in the subflooring (no, the termites didn’t make the hole; they aren’t that fast) and doing whatever it takes to get rid of the nasty little critters. And guess what? They’re doing it for free! For free! It won’t cost us a penny! Also, did I mention how affordable our property taxes are? And how fiscally sound California is? Ha ha! Had you going there for a minute, didn’t I?

Anyway, it’s now past eight at night and I haven’t 1-posted a blog 2-done any work at all on draft three of my work in progress or 3-done the breakfast dishes. I did clear the table—we weren’t eating our Coconut Curried Chicken Soup for dinner while reading the back of the Lucky Charms box—but the cereal bowls are still in the sink.

Other things I haven’t done:

*Put the Halloween decorations away.
*Put the rest of the laundry away.
*Finished the Halloween candy. But I’m close on that one. Very close.
*Cleaned out the garage. That has to happen before the termite guys can finish their work and our garage is . . . unspeakable. It’s enough to make you say never mind; the termites can have it. Maybe they can think of a use for those boxes of electronic debris from years past.
*Finished the books I’ve started reading. Hang on . . . let me count . . . I can think of five books that I’ve started but haven’t finished yet. No, six. And they’re all good books that I intend to finish.
*Sent my parents a letter. They entered the Missionary Training Center this week—they’re on their way to Portugal. Very cool. We can email them, but it would be fun for them to get something in their snail mail box.
*Painted. We have a lot of walls that need painting something awful.

Things that I haven’t done but don’t intend to do. Ever.

*Hike Mt. Everest
*Bungee jump
*Give up chocolate
*Run a marathon
*Write epic fantasy. My brain is tooooo small.
*Run for political office
*Put a worm on a fishhook

How about you? What’s on your current or future un-do list?


At 11/04/2010 12:42 AM, Blogger Janice said...

My list is eerily similar to yours. Although I'd add...
-jump out of a plane
-drive across the country with the kids
-move to a cabin in the mountain that doesn't have electricity or running water
-give up any machine that washes stuff for me

At 11/04/2010 11:56 AM, Blogger Michael Knudsen said...

That's good therapy, throwing out your "anti-bucket" list. By listing what you have no intention of ever doing, it kind of relieves the pressure and takes your mind off all the stuff you know you HAVE to do. ;}

At 11/04/2010 6:26 PM, Blogger Rebecca Talley said...

Stephanie, your post made me laugh. All of it--from the CA (grew up in CA) comments to the long list waiting to be finished. My list also includes cleaning the garage (bet mine's much worse than yours) and painting.

At 11/04/2010 6:37 PM, Blogger Jon Spell said...

Well, I'd probably only be useful to you if you wanted something painted awfully.

Only one kind of candy left from Halloween: Almond Joys. My wife is the only who will eat those, so they may linger on quite a while. We store them in a box that looks like a huge book - it says SPELLS in big letters, and then "and potions and other ingredients." And it says something when you open it, such that you want to get your treat out and quickly close it. Seems to work pretty well for discouraging candy runs. (And EVERYbody knows!)

Hmm, things on my anti-bucket list:

* get a tattoo
* be involved in any way in one of those medical procedures they show on House where they stick a needle in your eye, or drill into your head (Trepanning, anyone?)
* not write a book
* steal a bucket from a walrus

At 11/04/2010 9:03 PM, Blogger Sheila said...

I love that word...whackadoodle! I am going to use that one with my 2nd graders; they will love it too!

I didn't get any Halloween decorations out, so I don't have to worry about putting then away. I may do the same at Christmas time! ;)

At 11/05/2010 5:24 AM, Blogger Anna Buttimore said...

Fabulous blog! How cathartic to write a list of things I never want to do. My husband and various friends enjoy travel, but I like home and places I already know, so my un-do list would involve never visiting places others say are fascinating. I include India, Russia, China, New Zealand, Australia and most of Africa in that list. Never intend to go to any of those places. Fully intend returning to Spain and America, though.

At 11/05/2010 4:00 PM, Anonymous Roger Billings said...

Tip on parents in the MTC. you can e-mail and that service will put the e-mail in their snail mail box. Acceptable compromise?

At 11/05/2010 4:00 PM, Anonymous Roger Billings said...

Tip on parents in the MTC. you can e-mail and that service will put the e-mail in their snail mail box. Acceptable compromise?


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