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Thursday, October 21, 2010

From Julie

Julie wanted to let our Frog Blog readers know that she is currently in the hospital. I'm assuming the baby is here by now, but I haven't heard any updates. The baby ended up being breech, and Julie needed a C-section, so I'm sure all prayers would be appreciated.

Julie is by far our most dedicated Frog Blogger--in the four and a half years we've been blogging, she has NEVER missed a week! That is AMAZING, and so is Julie--she is one of the most incredible women I've ever met in my life. She plans to be right back here blogging next week--did I mention that Julie is amazing? We love you, Julie!


At 10/22/2010 1:50 AM, Blogger Charlie Moore said...

Nothing random here, Stephanie. My prayers are with Julie and her family. My wife had complications when our twins were born and needed emergency c-section delivery. So I can relate to a higher stress level. The Lord is with you, Sister Bellon.

At 10/22/2010 10:33 AM, Blogger Michael Knudsen said...

I hope all is well with Julie and the new addition. My prayers are with her.

At 10/22/2010 12:52 PM, Blogger Debra Erfert said...

My thoughts and prayers are with Julie and her family.

At 10/22/2010 1:59 PM, Blogger Noble M Standing said...

I love you Julie, you're awesome. My prayers will be with you. Take some time off and rest and recover. C-sections aren't like a normal birth. You need time. Hugs!

At 10/22/2010 4:56 PM, Blogger L.T. Elliot said...

Prayin' my guts out for you & baby, Julie! Thank you Stephanie for telling us!


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