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Thursday, September 16, 2010

Staring At the Walls

by Julie Coulter Bellon

While I’ve been on bedrest for pregnancy complications, I’ve had a lot of time to think. I’ve thought about all the things I should be doing, have planned to do, and wanted to do before this baby came. But the baby belly rules all, and for now, we are stuck in bed on bedrest no matter how many things were on the calendar.

As you can imagine, bedrest is somewhat difficult for me. There is nothing remotely interesting on television in the daytime. I have a tiny iPod to keep me connected to the internet, and I am begging my husband to get a laptop up and running for me so I don’t go insane. There’s just not a lot of things to do but stare at the walls. And that is boring.

So, in trying to be more positive, I’ve been looking for the good things about bedrest. For instance, after staring at the walls, I’ve decided we need to repaint our bedroom because the white paint is monotonous. Of course we can’t do that right now, but I have been thinking through all kinds of remodeling ideas. So far my husband doesn’t seem exactly thrilled. He just keeps looking at the corner with my ginormous pile of books in front of the bookcase (they don’t all fit so I made a tower pile) and sort of muttering under his breath. However, I did relieve some of that can’t-fit-in-the-bookcase book pile and made a book pile on my nightstand of books I haven’t read yet. I even started to read some of them. And I’ve also learned to type on a tiny little keyboard on my iPod and hardly have any mistakes. (Or if they’re there I can’t see them because the type is sort of tiny, too.) I have also discovered author Shannon Hale’s blog. She is expecting twins and is on bedrest herself and she blogs about it every day. Her perspective is upbeat and pretty funny, and I’ve really enjoyed her bedrest blog because I can identify with it. You can read one of her entries that made me laugh here

But the very best part of bedrest for me is that I’ve had a ton of cuddle time with my two year old because she loves to climb up on my bed and have me read her books to her.

However, bedrest has also given me some perspective on other things that are going on in my life. I have a really fun booksigning coming up that I don’t want to miss. I am on the planning committee for the UVU Book Academy Conference on Sept. 30 and I’m also presenting there, and I don’t want to miss that. I am chairman of the board of directors for LDStorymakers and there is a lot of work to be done and I don’t want to miss any deadlines for things that are coming up. I am still an instructor at BYU and I have deadlines there that I can’t miss. And I’m sort of working on a new manuscript. But when it comes right down to it, none of those things really matter in the long run. They are important, but if I missed any of them, the reality is, there are others who could take my place and pick up the slack for as long as was needed.

So, as I lay here, I try to put the thoughts away of everything I need/have/want to do and instead concentrate on feeling my sweet baby move within me. It makes it all seem worth it when I do that because of the overwhelming feelings of awe at how much I love this baby already and how much I want him to be here safe and healthy and for him to meet the family who is praying for him and can’t wait to meet him.

That isn’t to say I’m not still bored being in bed all day and wish I had something really awesome to do. I offered to be a test reader for Rob Wells’ book Variant, but he didn’t reply so I’m guessing that’s a no. It would probably be too scary for me anyway. Maybe I could see if Jeff Savage needs a test reader for Demon Spawn. Or maybe I should beg my husband to go down to Seagull and see if Traci Abramson’s new book is on the shelf yet. I doubt anyone would even notice one more book on my beloved book pile, right?

If you’ve ever been on bedrest, what did you do? Anything awesome?


At 9/16/2010 4:28 PM, Blogger T.J. said...

You do realize that the one person you named to go get you a new book is the one person that would actually probably notice, right?

At 9/16/2010 4:32 PM, Blogger Julie Coulter Bellon said...

T.J. Good catch! I was sort of hoping after the book went from my nightstand to the bookcase, that he wouldn't notice by then. But when it comes down to it you're right, I should probably ask someone else.

At 9/16/2010 9:30 PM, Blogger Traci Hunter Abramson said...

If I lived closer I'd sneak it into the house for you. :)

As for bedrest, yes, I've been there and done that. One of my favorite things was playing games with my kids. We played a lot of card games like Rat-a-tat cat and Uno. My older kids also loved to dump the clean laundry on my bed so that I would fold it with them. Heaven forbid Mom get out of chores for too long!

I hope everything goes great for you and that the doctor will let you up and about soon!

At 9/17/2010 12:50 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Demon Spawn? Variant? Honey, you're on bedrest. Did you forget that? None of us want that boy to be born with a third eye in his forehead or scales.

We're praying for you, but you've got to do your part. Stick with Sound of Music and maybe a Little House on the Prarie. That way you'll end up with a cowboy yoddler named Georg whose first words are Do-Re-Mi.

At 9/17/2010 11:13 AM, Blogger Janice said...

Best Rest. I got a used Gameboy color off the internet and played a lot of Zelda. I also got carpal tunnel. I watched chaos errupt around me. I couldn't be left alone and we'd just moved into a new house. I met new neighbors when they signed up to come babysit me. That was when I read Stephanie Black's first book. It was also when I first read a Rob Wells book. Come to think of it, I read a lot of LDS authors for the first time because my mom has them piled on bookshelves and in corners here and there and everywhere. That was before her regular blog giveaway.

But on a good note, my son was only 4 weeks early and just started kindergarten. He can read fluently. I wonder if it was something he picked up while I was on bedrest. He also loves video games but I'm sure that's just coincidence.

At 9/17/2010 12:24 PM, Blogger Julie Coulter Bellon said...

Thanks, Traci, board games are a great idea!

Anon, I've never really thought about what I read affecting the unborn baby. I'll have to take that into consideration.

Janice, I'm glad you started reading LDS authors! And that your son got here safely. That's always the most important thing, right?

Thanks everyone for your comments and ideas!


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