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Sunday, June 13, 2010

On Routine

So, remember how a virus ate my computer? How my husband cleaned it and everything was okay (after hours and hours spent doing so)?

Two weeks ago the hard drive crashed. We don't have the funds to fix it right now (will have to save for it) so my computer is dead (which is also my excuse for not posting the last couple of weeks, and as far as excuses go, I think it's a pretty good one).

My husband being the computer guy that he is, we do have four computers in our "computer room" (it was supposed to be a dining room, but instead it's where all our techie stuff goes). He got another one outfitted for me and got it connected to the internet, but it feels wrong. I don't like typing here and it's not set up right and I don't have all the programs I need, which makes the whole experience not enjoyable.

Regardless of which computer I get on, there's just not quite the same feel as my computer. I didn't realize that I was such a creature of habit when it came to this - but I don't really have many opportunities to be on other machines (I've never had a need for it). My husband offered to let me use his laptop, but that didn't work out too well for me either.

Which got me wondering about what other writers prefer - do you use a regular desktop computer or a laptop for writing? Or another type of device?


At 6/13/2010 2:39 PM, Blogger Debra Erfert said...

I love my laptop. I protect it like a mother bear does with her growing cub. I can confidently walk away from it resting quietly on my dining room table, but the moment somebody steps too close to it, I'm rushing them with my teeth bared, growling. I had to send my laptop into the repair place once. It took a whole, unreasonable week for them to get it back to me. During that time I had to use my husband's big ol' prehistoric desktop. I hated it. I couldn't lean back in the chair properly. The too large keyboard sounded like a Morse code device, clicking loudly with every stroke. It even smelled wrong. Needless to say I was overjoyed when the UPS guy delivered my computer, and I’m afraid I might have over-reacted just a tad when I opened my front door. He’d never seen a woman hug a package before.

At 6/13/2010 3:26 PM, Blogger Melanie Goldmund said...

I prefer my personal computer. It's upstairs in our "office," but when the sun shines or the temperatures get above 60°F, the office heats up really quickly. Instead of buying me a small air conditioner, however, my heat-resistant husband says, "Go downstairs and use the laptop." But I don't like writing on the laptop. The keyboard is different; I'm slower and I make more mistakes. And I have to sit on the couch instead of in my comfy office chair, and the table is lower, and ... it's just different! I guess I'm a creature of habit, too.

Hope you get comfortable again soon!

At 6/13/2010 3:48 PM, Blogger Jennie said...

I have both a laptop and a desk computer. I prefer the desk computer and working in my office, but while traveling, when my office gets ubearably hot, or when I'm sitting in a waiting room, etc., I truly appreciate my laptop. I don't work as fast when using the laptop, but it's a great Plan B.

At 6/14/2010 10:39 AM, Blogger Lisa said...

I don't have a preference, so long as it is keys and not a pen! But I need it quiet so usually I end up using my laptop and escaping to a room where the noise is minimal.

At 6/14/2010 11:31 AM, Blogger Jon Spell said...

Just one comment: your husband may or may not be aware of this device (I just found out about them a year ago or so) but you can get a device that will let you transfer data off of a hard drive. It basically lets you create an external drive out of one of your internals. It's saved me a couple of times with my computers. Search USB drive adapter.

For me, it's usually the power supply or fans that go out and overheat the motherboard, so my drives are still completely salvageable.

I find that I like to outline on notebook paper or index cards. For actual writing, I go with the AlphaSmart or Notepad. One of these days, I'll have to get some software that formats it like a manuscript, so that I can see what it might look like. =) Can you find Word templates that do it?

At 6/14/2010 10:51 PM, Blogger Tristi Pinkston said...

Desktop, with an ergonomic keyboard. Absolutely.

At 6/14/2010 10:55 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

I have an amazing laptop. I got a huge desktop screen I connect to it, and I got a wireless desktop keyboard the interfaces with the lap top. So now I have TWO writing screens (the big desktop one and my laptop) that sit side by side. I can write on one screen, pull up some reserach on another and it makes everything really efficient. I can also run off with my laptop in about ten seconds of unhooking time and I'm good to go. Great set up.

At 6/17/2010 4:36 PM, Blogger Keith Fisher said...

With my laptop I can write anywhere. I feel constricted in an office at a desktop


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