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Thursday, November 27, 2008

Happy Thanksgiving!

by Julie Coulter Bellon

Well, the haze and smoke is almost gone, but my house still smells burnt. It was a freak thing actually, (and it all started when my ten year old son came upstairs this morning and whispered to my still sleeping self, “Mom, the smoke is on the ceiling now.” Believe me, hearing that will get anyone out of bed in a hurry), but in the process, our turkey’s giblets were burned. Totally and completely burned. But it wasn’t my fault. Really. And it all worked out because our dog enjoyed her own little Thanksgiving giblet dinner. It’s all a matter of perspective.

So, as I sit here in my campfire-smelling house, I am grateful that I still have a house and that my dog likes blackened giblets. I hope that each of you has something wonderful to eat today, (that isn’t burned or has the word giblet in it), friends or family to share it with, and a chance to sit down and count all the blessings we have.

Happy Thanksgiving!


At 11/27/2008 9:48 PM, Blogger Sandra said...

Thankful that you are all ok and just smell like campfire.

Happy Thanksgiving to you and yours.

At 11/27/2008 11:56 PM, Blogger Stephen said...

We had a burned turkey once that required the super vents, the fire department, an ozone machine and a couple months to air out.

Turkeys can be dangerous, I'm glad you escaped any more harm.

At 12/01/2008 6:25 PM, Blogger Julie Wright said...

I was taking a nap once when my daughter was two. She got up from her nap before I did and decided to heat up a brownie in the microwave. I woke up to the words, "Mommy! The kitchen's on fire!"

Talk about wide awake! I jumped up and saw the black smoke rolling over the ceiling and grabbed my daughter, hauled her outside, and ran back in to find out exactly what was on fire and how could I put it out. Such a nightmare, but it all turned out okay even if it took a week to air the house out.

Sorry about your giblets. But I bet the dog isn't sorry at all.


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