Six LDS Writers and A Frog

Friday, August 29, 2008


Thanks so much to everybody who played last week's game! I found meaning in each of the submissions -- not to mention three or four works-in-progress that I simply must read! Write faster, everybody! Then, if you happen to need another evaluator near the end, please, please, please consider me! I love what I've read here. It's fun to think we may have been treated to snippets of future Whitney winners. (Remember, you saw it here first!)

The grand prize winner -- as in the winner of the drawing -- is Kelsi Rose! Please contact me to claim your prizes.

But, wait the rest of you! Don't go wandering off muttering about how you never win anything. Thanks to the founder of the idea -- Michael Cleverly -- you did win! Michael is offering a free copy of Mormon's Book to anybody who will e-mail him the complete 42nd page (not just the text left as a comment) along with the title, author, and ISBN number of the book they used. (Although Michael didn't ask, I hope everybody who takes advantage of this generous offer will reimburse him for postage after receiving their book.) Michael's e-mail addy is

No, wait you yet-to-be published geniuses! There's even more! Michael will also give a free pdf (e-book) to everybody who entered! You can pick yours up HERE.

Now don't say we never give you anything.

Thanks again to everybody who played, and an especially big thanks to Michael Cleverly for making it worth your while. (See? I told you he's a heck of a nice guy.)

Have a marvelous Labor Day weekend! And be safe. We couldn't bear to lose any of you!


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