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Sunday, January 27, 2008

A Fond Farewell to President Gordon. B Hinckley

I just found out a few minutes ago that President Hinckley has died. I'm sad for the loss for his family, I'm sad for my loss of a prophet I loved dearly, but I'm happy for him. I know how much he wanted to go home. I listened to him speak about how much he missed his beloved wife. I think of the celebration in heaven right now as he's welcomed back having been a good and faithful servant.

I will miss his sense of humor. I will miss his candor. I will miss his sage wisdom. I'm in awe of what he accomplished as president, prophet, seer and revelator of this church. I am thankful that he reminded me that prophets are human when he spoke of dealing with temptations and weaknesses even at his age. I am thankful for the love and compassion he had for the members of the church. I am thankful for his endeavors to go out into the world to teach them more about us and our beliefs.

I know we stand at the dawn of a new era, with a new soon-to-be called prophet to lead us and guide us. Right now I just have a hard time imagining that I will ever love another prophet the way I loved President Hinckley.

I can't believe he's gone.


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