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Saturday, December 01, 2007

23 Shopping Days, And 30 Nominating Days

by Sariah S. Wilson

I spent my Thanksgiving holiday in the Middle of Nowhere. Apparently that's located near the Escalante National Park. My in-laws own a ranch there in Southern Utah, and I had no internet access (which meant no blog from me. I know you were all so, so sad). Plus no real store shopping on Black Friday, and no online shopping. No going to a movie the day after Thanksgiving (as is our tradition). No buying our Christmas tree. I'm so into our traditions, that I feel a little off. It's hard to believe that Christmas is about three weeks away. I'm not ready.

While I try to straighten out my current perspective, I wanted to remind all of our blog readers about the Whitney Awards (looks like they've updated the site with a snazzy new look). This is a new award created to honor LDS writers. But for your favorite authors to be considered, they have to be nominated. The deadline for your votes is December 31. I know when the Whitneys were first announced, December 31 seemed like a really long way away. But now it's nearly here, and with the holidays it will be upon you before you know it and you'll be left in the new year lamenting the fact that your favorites weren't even considered.

You can nominate as many different authors and as many different novels as you would like. Rob promises not to sell your information or use it to blackmail you in any way. Kerry and Stephanie promise to pound him if he does.

You can find an ongoing list here of eligible books (and you will note that Secrets in Zarahemla and Desire of Our Hearts (which is currently #19 in popularity on Deseret's website with the wrong title) were both released this year and I'm pretty sure the author of those would just LOVE to be nominated as it would validate the hours spent hunched over a keyboard). If you know of a 2007 release not listed, contact Stephanie and she'll add it. Otherwise, feel free to peruse it at your leisure before you nominate Secrets in Zarahemla and Desire of Our Hearts.

So give an author a Merry Christmas. Nominate a book or two (or twenty) today!


At 12/03/2007 1:13 AM, Blogger Tristi Pinkston said...

You know, somehow I now have the strongest desire to go nominate two Book of Mormon fiction books. Sort of like how they used to flash pictures of popcorn during movies at theaters . . .


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