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Friday, July 07, 2006

Party at Rob's House!

Oh, wait! I remember now. Erin won’t let Rob have any more parties at their house. The gala extravaganza to celebrate the much-anticipated release of The Counterfeit will be at the West Jordan Seagull Book at 1650 W 9000 S from 5 to 7 TONIGHT! You’re promised free food, fun giveaways, and witty conversation. (The latter being if you talk to somebody besides Rob, I presume.) Everybody go! Take pictures. (Maybe we’ll get something on Wells we can use later.)

And if anybody is willing to pick up an autographed book for me, let me know. After reading Wake Me When It's Over thrice, waiting a year and a half for the next novel, and pouring over the websites, I really want to read that book! I’ll pay cover price, postage, and throw in a free something-or-other for your trouble! A nice something-or-other. Really. But make sure Rob spells my name right in the inscription. While you’re at it, make sure he spells his name right.


At 7/07/2006 5:53 PM, Blogger RobisonWells said...

I promise that my name will not be spelled correctly. My signature only includes three letters: an R, B, and W, and even the W is only half there.

Kerry, email me your address and you'll have a book in the mail, my treat. I owe you for all the free press (and great quotes).

At 7/07/2006 9:25 PM, Blogger Kerry Blair said...

Boy, Rob, can you take a hint or what?

Kidding. It wasn't a hint. But I will send you my address -- and a check. I know it will be worth every penny! Hope you're having a great time right now. (It's 6:30.) Wish I were there!

Tell us about it, okay?


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