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Wednesday, July 05, 2006

LDS Women's Book Review Contest

by Stephanie Black

Some days just weren’t meant to be blogging days. We just got back from vacation on Monday night, were gone all day yesterday risking our lives on San Francisco Bay, and are now facing, among other things, a disaster of a house and a fridge that we’ll never be able to clean. Because of the life flourishing in there, it has been declared a protected ecosystem and therefore we can’t legally mess with it. Maybe we should just move out.

Being thus pressed for time, I shall forthwith fill up my slot with someone else’s words. The LDS Women’s Book Review is a group of three reviewers who discuss fiction in a monthly podcast and run an online forum at My book, The Believer, was a featured title in May’s podcast discussion. It was a terrific discussion. You should go listen to it and then buy several copies of my book, read one, and give the rest away as gifts. Pretty please? The book comes highly recommended by my mother, and she’s a very honest woman.

The LDSWBR is running a contest to help introduce people to their forum. This is the announcement of the contest, as sent to me by Shanda, the moderator. And I swear, I didn’t slip any extra words in there (that’s for Rob’s benefit—I sensed he was going to accuse me of adding the word “wonderful”. I didn’t, and I also deny bribing Shanda. The witness who saw me slipping her that envelope was completely unreliable.)

Win an autographed copy of The Believer by Stephanie Black!

Contest Information

There are 3 ways to get your name entered into the drawing for this
wonderful book-

* Join our mailing list by logging into the website. Look for the login
form on the lower left section of the website. If you have already
joined the mailing list previous to this announcement you are
automatically entered. If you do not wish to participate in the
contest, please send an email with your request to

* Tell someone about LDSWBR. When they join the mailing list, tell them
to send us an email with the name of who referred them to our site, and
you will each earn another entry into the drawing.

* Your name will be entered for each qualifying post you post on our
message board. For a post to qualify, it needs to be at least 2
sentences long, either a comment or a question adding to the discussion
thread. Ultimate decision on whether a post qualifies will be at the
discretion of the LDSWBR team.

* The contest ends August 18, 2006 at 11:59 PM MST.

* Contest is limited to residents of the continental United States.

We hope you are as excited about this as we are, and we don't even have
a chance at winning! Good luck, everyone. See you on the boards!

There you have it. If you enjoy discussing LDS fiction, pop on over to the LDS Women's Book Review and say hello. You might win a free book.


At 7/06/2006 1:02 PM, Blogger Kerry Blair said...

How exciting! I just went over and registered, but mostly because I loved their podcast. It really WAS a terrific discussion of a WONDERFUL (my word) book. I don't need to win because I already have two copies of The Believer (I heartily agree with Stephanie's mother -- and I'm a much more critical reader generally) but I will ask Marnie to put a link to the site up on my website. Thanks for telling us about it!

At 7/06/2006 1:32 PM, Blogger Stephanie Black said...

Thank you, Kerry!

At 7/12/2006 7:32 PM, Blogger Sariah S. Wilson said...

Thanks for the update, Stephanie. I hope that site gets huge. It'd be nice to have one central location like that where LDS fiction fans could go to. Then I would know where to send my bribe money. ;)


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