Six LDS Writers and A Frog

Tuesday, April 11, 2006

A word from the frog himself!



At 4/11/2006 5:25 PM, Anonymous Darvell Hunt said...

I was wondering when we were going to hear from the frog! Unfortunately, I don't speak frog, so I don't know what he or she said. If anyone wants to translate, feel free.


At 4/12/2006 1:31 PM, Blogger Elizabeth said...

That translate into AWESOME! Lucky for you I spent my childhood kissing frogs to find my prince charming and I picked up some of the language. I think he was refering to this page. It is so fun and awesome.

PS- still looking for prince charming, but stopped kissing frogs.

At 4/21/2006 12:03 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Ribbet right back atcha!


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