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Friday, April 07, 2006

Realigning the Universe

I have deadlines looming all over the place on so many things that yesterday I spent most of the day blogging for, reading all kinds of fiction from fantasy to romantic suspense to a suspense novel involving a Templar wanna be. Why would I do that you ask? Well, it’s pretty simple. It alternated between rain and snow all day. As Julie said, earlier in the week the sun was shining. I was out in my garden getting it ready for planting. Pulling up the grass that had grown there - that’s an insidious thing - grass. Oh, and I was pulling it up a section at a time thinking to myself, they have machines that do this now. But hey, it was me against the weeds and grass and I was determined to win.

The whole time I was doing this I was contemplating a plot problem in one of the books I’m working on. I have to tell you, there’s nothing like the sun at your back, a slight breeze in the air and your hands in the dirt. I had a flashback to childhood when I would happily pour water into a hole I’d just dug in the lawn and make myself I nice big ol’ mud pie. When I was a kid I didn’t care about bugs. Now I do - I reached for a stick to discover it was the longest worm ever - eeewwwww! Anyway, back to writing.

This is a great way to work the kinks out, shake off winter (even when it persistently keeps coming back (that’s Utah for ya)), and get the cobwebs out of your brain - so to speak. There’s something about connecting with the earth that, I swear (really I do), aligns the universe and makes everything right with my little world. By the time I was done I’d fixed the problem with my plot and was in there typing away madly when my husband arrived home.

After spending the day reading, a couple of hours before I had get ready to go speak to a group I was suddenly inundated with book idea after book idea. Plots just forming themselves without any guidance as I tried to get everything down. Dreams Die Hard the sequel to Out of the Shadows . . . Into the Light, suddenly quit being my problem child and I was working on it as well. Finally, everything was starting to flow and I had to go do hair and makeup before going to speak. Huh, a victim of my own planning. Go figure.


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