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Friday, June 22, 2007

National Take Your Dog To Work Day -- Guest Blog: Bandit

DATELINE: 22 June 2007 If you are looking for the perfect way to celebrate your pooch while positively impacting the lives of homeless dogs everywhere, you definitely want to be a part of Pet Sitters International’s Take Your Dog To Work Day® presented by PEDIGREE JUMBONE. On Friday, June 22, 2007, pet sitters, animal shelters, and businesses of all sizes will come together to recognize the great companions dogs are. Dogs go to work. Hearts are touched. And as a result, homeless dogs will be adopted. PSI’s Take Your Dog To Work Day is the day for dogs and we want YOU and your dog to be a part of it. It’s the leash you can do.

The Leash You Can Do

by Bandit Blair

Get it? The leash you can do? That, two-legged friends of non-canine variety, is play on words. I, Bandit, four-legged loyal protector, faithful friend, and all-around good dog prefer play with fuzzies. Leave words to Mom. Mom is no slacker! Good Mom. Takes Bandit to work. Takes Bandit for rides. Takes Bandit to vet for own good. (Not sure about that last one, but Mom says it is so.) Wish Mom would not play with words. One belly rub worth a thousand blogs. Two thousand blogs. Bandit, biological burglar alarm and all-purpose food disposal knows this. Mom needs only three words: doyuwannatreat, lessgo and banditeat!

I, Bandit, intrepid chicken-sniffer and people-face licker, tired of work. Can quit now, Mom? Huh? Huh? Look out window. Cat in yard. Must chase cat! Wait! Rear itches. Must gnaw tail. No! Scratch ear. No, maybe nap. All this word work makes Bandit, fearless cow-barker and grass-roller tired. Must sleep. No! Doorbell! Must bar—

Sorry, all, but we’ve lost this week’s guest blogger. She’s out negotiating with the UPS guy for possession of the latest package from Amazon. (He tends to just chuck boxes over the chainlink fence whenever she asks.) If she’d stayed on the job a little longer I know she was sure to ask Jeff if either of his mega-exciting new projects are the book with her namesake in it. I hope so because she's very excited about that canine character and you really don't want to disappoint a pit bull.


At 6/23/2007 2:03 AM, Blogger Jeff Savage said...

That was a dog gone good blog. No fleas on you. If you collar Kerry during a paws in her busy life, tell her we all hope things are improving.

This one doesn't have your namesake, but the next one of the same gerre does. I'm hoping that will go national.


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